How you can have a song that sounds like a David Guetta or Madonna song!

SECRET REVEALED: Your own Song - Only for you! Your HIT SONG 2020!

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Did you fed up always hoping for the big record companies?

Are you a musician, a singer, artist or hip-hop artist? Have you ever tried many things but your music career is not going?

Every artist or singer knows that kind of letter:
  • "Your music does not fit the time in our repertoire! We wish you good luck and love to hear from you again!"
  • Bla Bla Bla - latest after 10 or 50 cancellations of a record company, label or record label, you don't like these letters anymore: Also to me it was so with these letters.

I was hoping only for a big record deal with the major record labels and always thought why the big record companies give me no contract. What am I doing wrong??

The change in my business came only when I realized that I even have to be active even have to create my own brand with my music.

Because the major record companies usually take only bands and musicians who already have a certain fanbase and are already established as a brand. Build an artist costs millions of dollars and that's why it's so hard to get a record deal.

What can you do now to change your situation?
And how could I help you?:

When I build my own network - I became a successful producer: Made productions and songs for example with: the german singer Alexis,
a duet partner of the German-known singer and songwriter:
Peter Maffay.

Also, I've had success with various artists known from National TV
for example by the Star Show "Popstars" from Pro7 & Sat. 1
(German National TV-Stations).

I have also concluded agreements with the largest distributors in Germany and worked for with:

- Believe Digital
- Koch New Media
- European Music Group

and even much more well-known partners from famous singers to major companies!

However, the successes
have been realized only when I started - not to support me on the major record companies but to build my network and
my own brand.

Meanwhile, I was

- Top 20 Spanish Charts as well as Top 10 iTunes US

and many more success positions in charts international.
What I would like to offer you?

A real Song: A HIT SONG - only for you!

Your own song production - your own song produced by a network that extends from the US, Europe and Africa.
From the most talented remixer, singers, composers and musicians around the world specially composed for you and produced.
Do you get:
  • Final produced genuine Song!: Your own HIT SONG!
  • License the song with your artist name to exclusively sell and market.
  • 30-minute Coaching: Personal with me where we just talk - how you can market your song.
  • Extra written for you lyrics and produced with a studio singer from Los Angeles, USA.
  • You will receive a karaoke version of the song, too. So you singing in every studio of your choice - you can sing with your voice.
  • The song will be made by professionals with over 20 years experience, played and composed. As well as digital & analog mixed and mastered in a top studio in Berlin, Germany.
What you should do now?
  • Click and buy this service for a SPECIAL PRICE of 1885 Dollar | One-time payment.
  • The production and completion of your songs It takes approximately 4 - 8 weeks.
  • After your purchase we will contact you within 24 hours!
  • Look forward to your own song. A very good step in your career to me more famous and have much, much more success in music-business.
  • And come in a network that is willing to make friends with you and to push your career.
  • The perfect start to your career is your own song!





You read that RIGHT! Rest assured that your satisfaction is guaranteed through our shockproof, zero-risk, no-nonsense, win-win 100% money-back guarantee. mbg_imgI’d really appreciate it if you’re purchasing this music production because you think you’re getting something that is really worth your money. 
However, if you feel like you’re getting something that isn’t worth your money’s value, please don’t continue with the purchase. 
If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase for ANY reason at all, just get in touch with me within 30 days from the time of the purchase and I'll immediately give you a 100% refund.

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Full-Production Premium Level

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Fast Action Bonus:

VIP Bonus:

30-minute coaching with Manuel Zuri

30-minute coaching with Manuel Zuri

Direct contact to Manuel Zuri and Expert Team! Your Questions will be answered about the music business from a producer with 15 years experience in music business.

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